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Colours That Help Induce Sleep
16 March 2017

From smooth bedsheets, fluffy pillows, blackout curtains to firm mattress, these could be recipes for a good night sleep. Whatever the secret sauce may be to get the coveted eight hours, do consider the overall colour of your bedroom as it not only affects the look and feel of your room, but it may actually enhance your sleep experience.

The Good

According to studies and surveys, bedrooms with the colour blue, tend to get the best rest – nearly eight hours a night and waking up feeling happier and more positive. Blue is linked to calm, soothing feelings and is thought to slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

If blue is not your thing, shades of green, yellow, orange, grey, coral and beige are cool colours are said to improve sleep quality as well.

The Bad

Purple has been determined to be the worst colour. Rooms with purple theme encourage creativity and stops the brain from relaxing. On average, people are getting only five to six hours of sleep per night in a purple room.

Other colours that you might want to avoid are red which is linked to increased blood pressure.

Tip: it still boils down to preference. Choose colours that are soothing and calming to you. Bright colours tends to stimulate brain activities and are not recommended if you are in pursuit for a good night sleep. Keep in mind, however, that simply having a blue colour theme in your room won’t be the only thing that helps you sleep well. Following a proper sleep schedule is still essential.

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