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Is It Healthy To Sleep With Your Pets?
16 March 2017

Dogs love to snooze and cuddle with their owners on their bed, and most owners do not mind. However, is co-sleeping with your furry buddy safe and healthy?

First let us look at some considerations.

1. Dogs may carry allergens or fleas.

This may be the deal breaker for your dog joining you in bed. In the day, your pet dog may go outside for exercise, to the bathroom, or lay pretty much on the floor. And while he is doing that, he is exposed to quite a number of things that could affect your immune system. Make sure you send your pet buddy for timely vaccinations, pest preventions and regular check ups, and ensure they are cleaned before letting them onto your bed. Dogs that shed their furs may be bad for owners who have respiratory issues such as asthma.

2. Licking your wounds

It is gesture of love from your dog, but if you are suffering from any open wounds or flu, your pet may try to “heal” you by licking you which results in the spreading of germs. If your immune system is weak or if you have any open wound, it is best not to cuddle with your pet till you are better.

3. Your children or your dog?

Dogs may accidentally crawl or bite when they have a bad dream, or unknowingly when they are accidentally woken up. This can turn your pet dog into a potential hazard with your kids.

4. Is it affecting your sleep cycle?

Snoring is not just a human thing. Dogs snore, pant and may move around as well which can be disruptive to your sleep.

5. Is your partner happy with the arrangement?

Sleeping with your dog becomes a big issue if your partner is not comfortable or have health issues with it. This can result in your partner being annoyed, and can easily affect your sex life. Make sure that this does not come in between your relationship between you and your partner.

Having said all the above, here are 5 reason why your dogs SHOULD sleep on your bed every night

#1 They give you comfort and is a great stress and anxiety reliever Be it their warm body, rhythmic breathing or cute cuddly nature. They make you feel better already.

#2. They give you a reason to feel safe The presence of your furry friend promotes calm and a feeling of safety, which can help you sleep soundly and more peacefully.

#3 They provide warmth Your body temperature drops further when you sleep, and

#4 They help fight depression One thing that dogs offer is the unconditional love. For someone who is battling depression, receiving love with no questions asked, can do wonders especially during tough times.

#5 It is good for your dog There is nothing better in the world for your pet dog who loves you so much. Allowing them to share the same bed with you for that extra snuggle will make their day, always.

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