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When To Wash And Replace Bedsheets?
16 March 2017

Keeping your home clean is no easy feat when you have kids, pets and a partner running around. It is an interesting reminder that your bedsheets are actually one of the most frequently used item in your house – imagine, one third of you time at home is in the bedroom sleeping on your bedsheets. So how clean is clean and how much can we push it? Let’s find out.

Here’s a general rule of thumb for washing your sheets:

Once a week : Best practice
Once every two weeks : Total acceptable practice
Once a month : Still fine. But not ideal.
Once every one and half months : Suspicious. Try to avoid.
Once every two months or more : You are now soaking in a reservoir of human cells, bacteria, bodily excretes… Need us to gross you out any further?

Why do we need to wash that often? Here is a fact about your bedsheets: as much as 70% of laundry soil is invisible! You may not see it but it sure is there. Human matter such as dead skin, natural body oils, drool, bacteria, sexual fluids and sometimes human waste are all present, and will only continue to build up until you send your sheets for washing. Dead skin build up also encourage the breeding of dust mites which is unhealthy for people with dust allergies, sensitive skins or respiratory issues.

Here are also some other considerations for you in your decision on how frequent you would like to wash your sheets:

- Do you sleep naked?
- Do you sleep with someone? If yes, is it with your partner? Your pet? Your kids?
- Do you shower before you go to bed?
- How easy is it to do your laundry?
- Have you or your partner fallen ill recently?
- Do you own more than one set of sheets?
- Has food been consumed on your bed?
- Are you sleeping in an air-conditioned room?
- Do you sleep on your bed everyt night or are you mostly away?
- Do you have multiple sexual partners?
- Do you care about your health and the health of whoever is sleeping with you?

Tip: There are many reasons to wash your sheets on a regular basis. But the best reason: Getting into a fresh set of sheets always feel so good.

Replacing New Sheets
Bedsheets are actively in use for about a third of the day with the average of six to eight hours of sleep. And depending on how often you wash your sheets, your bedsheets will experience some wear and tear, and lose their lustre after much washing. Natural fibres such as cotton and linen, tend to last longer than synthetic materials. Bamboo and Tencel are durable fabrics and are less likely to lose its shine after much washing.

There is no set of rules when it comes to replacing your bedsheets, as long as they are clean, you are still able to use them. However, frequent washing will break down even the highest quality sheets. Replace when your sheets starts to thin, or there are holes.

For the most optimal comfort feel, consider changing your sheets once a year.

If you are unsure what to do with your old sheets, check out our partner sites who are collecting old sheets for a good cause.

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