Welcome to the world of Aussino

Aussino is a leading international retailer of home fashion lifestyle products. Since 1991, our designs have provided countless households with comfort, style and a touch of color. We believe your home is the most important place in the world and that is why millions have dreamt their dreams with AUSSINO.

AUSSINO is a global brand that is synonymous with trendsetting lifestyle home furnishings. Our company is a leading designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of home fashion textiles. Our products have sold in over 30 countries over 1000 retail points of sales worldwide.

AUSSINO designs are inspired by the latest international looks and trends. Through our designs, we aim to inspire a change in the way people feel in their homes.

Our Business Model

AUSSINO takes pride in the close involvement of all stages of the retail and wholesale process from design, manufacturing and logistics, to sales in its stores worldwide.


Company operations start with the demands of the customer being channeled by the retail and online stores.

This is the place where the design process begins. Customers desire for inspiring home fashion, their buying experience is our utmost priority. Besides the merchandise, store placements and interior design are conceived to make their shopping experience with AUSSINO inspiring and memorable.

Design / Production

An on-going and fluid relationship between store and personnel, design teams and manufacturing teams is essential to react to changes in customer desires with new products in stores as quickly as possible.


AUSSINO is a global company made up of an international team of people from all around the world who shares the common vision of bringing Aussino to the forefront of Home Fashion to every home.

Management of the Business

Aussino’s long history of success has been based on design quality and innovative trends, supported by a strong market presence resulting in one of the most highly recognised and respected Home Fashion brands in the Asia Pacific region and across the world.

The senior management seeks to ensure that our products are presented for sale in contemporary surroundings by knowledgeable and friendly staff who are in-tune with our customers.

We recognise that our products are the core element of our business and that our ability to produce quality home fashions matching our customers’ expectation has been, and continues to be, the key to our continued success.

Shopping Made Easy!

We want to make our products accessible anytime, anywhere.

The launch of our aussino.com store offers a wide variety of exclusive and exciting products to liven up your bedroom. Shop now to avoid disappointment!